Re: [eigen] compilation failed for not aligned tiny matrix

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Benoit Jacob wrote:
2009/10/6 WANG Xuewen <>:
Gael Guennebaud wrote:

ok, here the bug is that computeInverse() expect a PlainMatrixType which
in your case is equivalent to TinyRMatrix but without the DontAlign option.
Yes that's a bug in Eigen.

But now, I'm wondering why computeInverse is not a template function ?
Think about submatrices, or, e.g., to perform:
m.transpose().computeInverse(inv); - here m.transpose() is row major and so
computeInverse will expect a row major matrix.

Moreover I'm wondering whether computeInverse() is still useful since we
can make inv = a.inverse() works in place just like compute inverse.

Ah, I didn't try directly inverse() and it does work so I'll change my code
to use inverse. thanks!

This change (making inverse() work in place) isn't implemented yet!
You can use inverse() already but it'll be a few weeks before this is
as efficient as computeInverse.

It seems that computeInverse is fixed now so I'll use it. Look forward to have inverse() work in place. Thank you for the work!


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