Re: [eigen] Eigen::FFT and Eigen::Complex in repo

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I don't have a preference for the name ei vs. eigen vs. Eigen.

But I *do* have a strong preference against changing established interfaces without a *VERY* good reason.

Thomas Capricelli wrote:
I agree, Eigen is much less hackish than 'ei' (which is already used as prefix, if not as namespace, in some places, btw)

I vote to keep Eigen:: :-)
I could stand 'eigen::' though.

Well, actually, i would probably survive and even be happy in life even with ei::, that's right.

my 2cents,

In data mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009 17:09:26, Rohit Garg ha scritto:
Please no. Eigen is so much better than "ei" :| AFAIK, major c++
libraries (apart from perhaps the stl) avoid unix like naming
conventions :)

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