Re: [eigen] State of eigen support for small integers(16 bit, signed/unsigned)

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2009/8/20 Rohit Garg <rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
> What about shifts?

Oh, actually, it looks like we don't have any support for bitwise
shift at all. So you would have to add that feature from scratch. See
the file Functors.h in Core or Array, you have to add a functor for
that. This will be used as a CwiseUnaryOp so you could take the
existing unary operations (like cwise().pow(x) since it too takes a
parameter) as a starting point.

It's not clear to me yet where this should end -- should we:
1) put the short int types with the others and the bitwise ops in Array


2) start a new module SmallInts and put all that there ?


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