Re: [eigen] State of eigen support for small integers(16 bit, signed/unsigned)

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In data giovedì 20 agosto 2009 15:45:34, Benoit Jacob ha scritto:
> Yes, most welcome. When I look at forums linking to our website, this
> is a frequently wanted feature. The fact that people on this list
> asked for it several times, finishes proving that it's a wanted
> feature. Vectorization is most welcome here too -- the prospect of 8x
> boosts on int16 and 16x boosts on int8 is very interesting...

I'm quite curious : why would people need 8-bit or 16-bit integers nowadays ? 
I can only think of embedded platforms, but that does not seem to be the 
matter here, is it ? Or is it for the speed ? kind of ... trading precsion for 
speed, that's it ?


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