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rrrrooooh but I'm good today:

we could have NoChange of a separate type so that passing NoChange as
parameter would select at compile time a different overload. Like

struct NoChange {};

void resize(NoChange, int size)
    // resize, changing only number of cols

void resize(int size, NoChange)
    // resize, changing only number of rows

use it like this:

matrix.resize(NoChange(), size);

Like it ??


2009/6/24 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2009/6/24 Robert Bocquier <robert.bocquier@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> How about a new escape constant "NoChange" (or whatever name fits), use that
>> way :
>> A.resize(NoChange, 7);
> That would require more runtime if's in resize(), hence a constant
> overhead, so i'm a bit reluctant.
> roooh but while writing this i had an idea:
> how about separate resizeHoriz(int) and resizeVert() functions ???
> It seems to me that this adresses the original request and yours simultaneously!
> In fact this is a just modification of your idea:
> NoChange as parameter ---> NoChange as template parameter ----> separate methods
> What do you think?
> Also for the names I don't know... initially i thought resizeRows(int)
> but that is ambiguous, it could mean either "change the number of
> rows" or "resize the rows"... other possibility:
> setRows()   // goes well with the accessor method rows()
> Opinions?
> Benoit

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