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2009/6/17 Mark Borgerding <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I just started out by trying to see if I could make the Complex class have an operator & which returns a "pointer object" that could be converted to either
> Eigen::Complex<T> *
> or
> std::complex<T> *
> That worked and then I just didn't know when to quit.  So now here is a Complex class that has a superset of the std::complex interface and actually uses std::complex whenever it can.  It has more accessors and mutators..
> Note the structure packing should be identical (assuming the C++ standards folks are correct in their assessment that "All existing implementations already have the layout proposed here." )

Ah, thanks a lot for finding this link! This is enough to make me OK
to make this assumption.

If I understand well, your aim is to make Eigen::Complex entirely
interoperable with std::complex, and the tricky part was indeed to
handle pointers, good job.

(I'm not yet able to really review anything).


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