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2009/6/17 Mark Borgerding <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Rohit Garg wrote:
> Regrading multidimensional transforms, I doubt if it will be easy (API
> wise) since the rest of Eigen is geared towards Matrices and  vectors
> only. BTW, is it even within the scope of goal of Eigen to do this?

Eigen is squarely specialized on vectors (1d) and matrices (2d).
Higher-dimensional arrays aren't part of the basic design, so at most
they could be emulated using vectors but they aren't going to be first
class citizens.

> When I've been saying "multidimensional", I've been thinking first and foremost about 2d matrices.
> The mechanics of 2d,3d,... FFTs are so similar that we may as well allow arbitrary dimensions.

It's your call (i don't have the FFT experience to say whether that's
a wanted feature or not)... as long as emulating higher dimensional
arrays with vectors is OK for you, it's ok for me.

> And yes, FFTW's plan creation API is not threadsafe. Their FFT
> execution api is. This should be emphasised in the docs since the rest
> of API is stateless and trivially threadsafe.
> Good point.
> Does Eigen have access to and make use of any threading and synchronization primitives?

Eigen has no dependency, and the standard library doesn't offer that
(as far as I know?), so the answer is no. If this were a must-have
feature, we would have to choose a library and make it a dependency
for the FFT module. But i don't see a clear choice here. If it's just
about making the plan creation thread safe, i'd say it's too much
trouble so just document the non-thread-safety.


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