[eigen] Migration to mercurial : final tests

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Hi all,

Some of you may already know, but there were still some minor issues with our 
tests for migrating the eigen repository from subversion to mercurial. Most 
importantly, the main branch was named 'eigen2' instead of 'default'. 

'default' in mercurial is the same as 'trunk' in subversion. If a commit is 
not in 'default', then the name of the branch it belongs to is displayed on 
graphs (on the web, inside the tcl/tk view...). And it was rather ugly to have 
'eigen2' all over those.

I've fixed this issue and some other (cosmetic as well), and I'm now very 
happy with the results. 

I would like all of those interested to check everything before we do the 
actual migration.

You can either browse using the web from :
or clone it ('hg clone http://sources.freehackers.org/hg.cgi/eigen.named) and 
use your favourite tools (command line or the tcl/tk interface started with 
'hg view').

Please tell me all that worries you about this import NOW, then it will be too 

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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