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Thanks a ton for that. I don't have much time tonight so it's only
tomorrow morning that I'll look at it seriously.
But here's already a nitpick: there is a 'eigen2' tag next to beta5, I
think this needs at least renaming (you choose how to best handle my
beta5 mishap).


2009/5/11 Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> Some of you may already know, but there were still some minor issues with our
> tests for migrating the eigen repository from subversion to mercurial. Most
> importantly, the main branch was named 'eigen2' instead of 'default'.
> 'default' in mercurial is the same as 'trunk' in subversion. If a commit is
> not in 'default', then the name of the branch it belongs to is displayed on
> graphs (on the web, inside the tcl/tk view...). And it was rather ugly to have
> 'eigen2' all over those.
> I've fixed this issue and some other (cosmetic as well), and I'm now very
> happy with the results.
> I would like all of those interested to check everything before we do the
> actual migration.
> You can either browse using the web from :
> or clone it ('hg clone and
> use your favourite tools (command line or the tcl/tk interface started with
> 'hg view').
> Please tell me all that worries you about this import NOW, then it will be too
> late.
> greatings,
> Thomas
> --
> Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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