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> I think that the following things emerge from your mail and from a
> quick google search I did: we probably want to keep both Givens and
> Householder QR general implementations. That is, not only use QR for
> fixed-size specializations, but actually offer your Givens QR
> alongside the existing Householder QR.
In my humble opinion, this is a good idea.

> Andrea: I would propose that you get yourself an account on
Done: my account name is "Spiros" (my nickname).

> fork the eigen2 repository into your own repo
This is my first experience with mercurial, so I'll do some test on my personal repository.

> It is very much appreciated if alongside the
> code you can also develop a unit-test, starting from test/qr.cpp as a
> model.
I will surely do that.

I think we can keep the QR class as a base class, which serves as "interface" and decide (at compile-time when possible) which algorithm actually run. GivensQR, HouseholderQR and eventually others like Fixed-size specialization or GramSchmidtQR will be the "engines". In this way the users can use the QR class without thinking about the implementation.

Andrea Arteaga

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