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To be fair, it's not decided yet for openoffice i think.
afaik they switched recently from cvs to svn, are not happy and the decision 
to go for a dcvs is made. They are comparing dvcs, and they did a poll 
recently amongst developers: hg had 49% of vote. I dont think the final 
official decision is made yet.

(I like this comment a lot "there are more people that know git and prefer 
Mercurial than people that know Mercurial and prefer git.")


On Saturday 02 May 2009 03:08:06 Benoit Jacob wrote:
> We'll make a decision soonish... initially i almost dismissed Hg as I
> regarded it as a small, obscure project, until I learnt that it has
> Python, Mozilla, OpenOffice, Java, OpenSolaris, Xine, XEmacs and some
> big Google projects among its users.

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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