[eigen] Eigen 2.0.0 released !

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Hi List,

It's been a very long journey! Two years ago we barely dared to utter
the words "expression templates". One year ago, we had some basic
functionality but Eigen2 was still just 2000 LOC. Today Eigen 2.0.0 is

Thanks to everybody who contributed. We've tried you on the main page
but inevitably we couldn't mention absolutely everybody who
contributed in one form or the other.

Since 2.0RC1, just minor fixes. All the interesting changes are
happening in trunk/ which is now heading towards 2.1.


Source tarball:

SVN Tag for 2.0.0:

SVN Branch for the 2.0 series:

This is only the beginning. We'll have a 2.1 release around July and
it'll bring many new features and more API stability.


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