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Hi List,

Eigen 2.0-beta4 is released: http://eigen.tuxfamily.org

Source tarball:
(a server outage at tuxfamily, caused by a bug in the linux kernel
triggered by the 2009 leap second, prevents me from uploading this
tarball at the normal location)

SVN Tag: http://websvn.kde.org/tags/eigen/2.0-beta4/

Newly deprecated:
* RowMajor deprecated, use Matrix_RowMajor instead
* ColMajor deprecated, use Matrix_ColMajor instead
* Eigen/Regression deprecated, use Eigen/LeastSquares instead
* CMake version 2.6.2 is now required

Other important changes:
* new SparseVector
* Sparse: make the use of CHOLMOD's solve method the default
* Sparse: enable complex support for the CHOLMOD LLT backend
* the StorageOrder template param of Matrix becomes Options. It now
also allows to control alignment: use Matrix_DontAlign to prevent
* vectorized and non-vectorized code should now be mutually compatible
(alignment doesn't depend anymore on vectorization being enabled)
* custom operator new and delete on the scalar type are now honored
also in the vectorized case
* it is now true again that fixed size matrices never cause mallocs
* fix crash on 32-bit MSVC with SSE2, triggered especially when doing
large matrix products.

We'll have very soon a RC, at which date we'll branch 2.0 and trunk
will be open for 2.1 development.

Please, give this beta a good testing with your own project and if
possible with the unit-tests. Especially on windows with MSVC.



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