[eigen] problem with colwise/cross product

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Hello all,
I have column vectors packed in a matrix and I want to perform
cross-product on each of these vectors. I thought of using the
..colwise method but it fails to compile.
Example code:
Vector3f v;
Matrix3f M, M2;
M2 = M.colwise().cross(v);

(sorry the computer I am currently using does not have eigen installed
so I don't have the error messages, but you should be able to repoduce

I am using for now an auxiliary function with a for loop, but I
believe the case above should work. Do you think you can check this
before the 2.0 release?

On an other topic, I experimented a bit with interfacing Eigen with
python. My version of swig cannot even parse the code (it does not
understand template syntax like foo. template method<T>() ). I have
some proof of concept code using Boost.Python that loads Eigen as a
Python module, but I would like to get the slicing to work before
presenting something. Is anyone interested?

Happy new year 2009!

Tim Hunter


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