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indeed, if you use matlab on relatively large dataset and you only use
high level operators/routines then matlab is very fast because it
relies on other state of the art library. There even exists plugins to
perform some computations on the GPU...

Said that, matlab is extremely slow as soon as you are doing some more
low level stuff involving complex expressions or a lot of small
computations... Matlab can be a couple of order of magnitude slower
than a C/C++ equivalent code. It seems MatLab is missing a JIT

btw, benoit thanks for the slides !


On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 3:35 PM, Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have no clue how matlab does in general, but on the forum we've had
> a user benchmarking matrix product against matlab, and matlab was
> doing like MKL and Goto, which suggests that it's using one of these
> libraries.
> If you're on *nix, you could try ldd or nm to get a clue about what
> library they're using.
> Cheers,
> Benoit
> 2009/1/26 Andre Krause <post@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Benoit Jacob schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> Today morning I gave a talk on Eigen at the CS department. Here are my
>>> slides, in case they might be helpful.
>>> When you see (SHOW BENCHMARKS) that's where I showed the benchmark
>>> graphs that are displayed on the Benchmark page of the wiki.
>>> I didn't have time to cover the last part on Eigen internals, I just
>>> finished with the benchmarks. However people were interested and asked
>>> questions about internals so in effect I got to explain as much of the
>>> internals as I had planned to.
>>> Thanks a LOT to Keir: he translated the C++ snippets into Matlab for
>>> me, and gave me a good briefing as to how to organize a talk for an
>>> audience of CS people.
>>> I am just afraid that using \documentclass{slides} for a public of CS
>>> people makes me look like a dinosaur mathematician.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Benoit
>> dear benoit, you show matlab code corresponding to eigen2 code. but in the
>> benchmark section on the wiki, there is no matlab benchmark. i would be very
>> curious how slow (or fast?) matlab is, compared to eigen. i teached myself
>> matlab over christmas, and now i am curious how matlab compares to c++ (with
>> eigen2).

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