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I have no clue how matlab does in general, but on the forum we've had
a user benchmarking matrix product against matlab, and matlab was
doing like MKL and Goto, which suggests that it's using one of these

If you're on *nix, you could try ldd or nm to get a clue about what
library they're using.


2009/1/26 Andre Krause <post@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Benoit Jacob schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> Today morning I gave a talk on Eigen at the CS department. Here are my
>> slides, in case they might be helpful.
>> When you see (SHOW BENCHMARKS) that's where I showed the benchmark
>> graphs that are displayed on the Benchmark page of the wiki.
>> I didn't have time to cover the last part on Eigen internals, I just
>> finished with the benchmarks. However people were interested and asked
>> questions about internals so in effect I got to explain as much of the
>> internals as I had planned to.
>> Thanks a LOT to Keir: he translated the C++ snippets into Matlab for
>> me, and gave me a good briefing as to how to organize a talk for an
>> audience of CS people.
>> I am just afraid that using \documentclass{slides} for a public of CS
>> people makes me look like a dinosaur mathematician.
>> Cheers,
>> Benoit
> dear benoit, you show matlab code corresponding to eigen2 code. but in the
> benchmark section on the wiki, there is no matlab benchmark. i would be very
> curious how slow (or fast?) matlab is, compared to eigen. i teached myself
> matlab over christmas, and now i am curious how matlab compares to c++ (with
> eigen2).

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