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2008/12/1 Timothy Hunter <tjhunter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I am using Eigen to develop some robot controllers as well - for ROS, the
> Robotic Operated System developed by Willow Garage. The source code is
> hosted on sourceforge ( I think) . I am
> offline, but I will get the exact directory if you are interested.

Excellent, thanks for the link.

> The code includes so far a linear quadratic regulator, and when I have time
> I will try to get DDP and MPC control (which means having a convex
> optimization module as well)
> I am keeping the template based structure in the same spirit as the rest of
> Eigen for a potential integration, but my understanding so far is that Eigen
> is for basic linear algebra. After seeing the discussions regarding the FFT,
> it might be good to split some core functionality and some more
> advanced/experimental modules?

I don't know what DDP and MPC mean. As for convex optimization, this
is something that a few people have requested already in the past, it
sounds like a very useful thing. Moreover the pure-templated nature of
Eigen means we can add modules, even in the base Eigen distribution,
without negative effects on people not using them. So I'm in favor of
it, if we can have a good convex optimization module.

> I am also promoting it at the university over the old-fashion matrix wrapper
> around gslblas that is circulating around :) We may put some of our projects
> in a public repository as well.

Sounds great :)



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