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Hi Keir,

(hopefully I didn't mix up your Names Mr. Mierle) :-)

Keir Mierle schrieb:

I went to FLENS more because I was concerned about the complexity of Eigen2,
that it didn't at the time have an SVD, and that I could understand the
FLENS code. However, Eigen2 is pretty amazing for many other reasons (see my
follow up emails about switching libmv to Eigen2). The rate of development
of Eigen2 is also much faster than FLENS.

I have read your emails beforehand :-) . Yes Eigen2 is really amazing and seems to me very agile.
My focus are the sparse linear algebra for FEA-like stuff at first But I am really impressed of the wide range of performance gifts, eigen2 is able to spent. I really like the idea to only deal with one lib in a consistent design for all my linear algebra.
The eigen licenses are under essentially the same license as the STL headers
in GCC, which have an exception clause because they are header libraries.
The LGPL3 specifically stipulates that header-only libraries count as
libraries. This means that header-only libraries licensed as LGPL3+ can be
used in commercial applications in the same manner as normallly linked
libraries (i.e. libmylib.a).

Of course, you should read the licenses yourself.
Yes and it already did try it hard.
Thank you for your answer.
Benoit, perhaps it is worth adding an entry to the license FAQ explicitly
explaining that eigen can be used in commercial applications, provided
source modifications to eigen itself are released back to the community?
For me, legal issues are always somewhat like quirky nitpicking. So, I am sorry for my quirks contribution here, really.
If my first deposit in eigen3 will be a FAQ: O boy!



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