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Hi List,

Eigen 2.0-beta2 is released: http://eigen.tuxfamily.org

Source tarball:

SVN Tag: http://websvn.kde.org/tags/eigen/2.0-beta2/


In order to prepare for the API-stable 2.0 release, we have made a few
API changes, some of which are incompatible:

* the block-inside-a-vector, block(int, int), becomes segment(int, int).
* norm2() becomes squaredNorm(). norm2() remains in this beta2 but is
* Eigen is now more picky about mixing matrices with different numeric
types. Basically it is now always required to .cast<newtype>()
explicitly. A self-explanatory assert() guards that.


* tons of doc improvements and bug fixes.
* much more helpful error messages (both compile-time and asserts) for
tricky or common errors.
* cmake fixes thanks to Alexander Neundorf
* Improvements in EigenSolver
* Major improvements and fixes in Sparse module (Gael if you care to
summarize the details ... you committed so much stuff and I don't have
time tonight to compile an exhaustive changelog). Improvements include
dramatically expanded feature set, better performance, and possibility
of using various back-ends for specific algorithms.
* Cholesky : big improvements, in-place solver
* the default constructor of dynamic-size matrices now creates a
"null" matrix (data=0, rows = cols = 0) instead of a 1x1 matrix. You
can later initialize the matrix with set().
* Improvements in Geometry; new AlignedBox class, new
matrix-to-eulerangles conversion
* Matrix can now be extended outside Eigen, like MatrixBase
* transpose-in-place
* Map now accessible as static method too, Matrix::Map() and
* L^p norms
* .imag() function for imaginary part
* let user change default format by defining EIGEN_DEFAULT_IO_FORMAT

We're probably going to release a RC1 in early january, followed soon
after by the actual release.

Testing is much appreciated, as always.



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