Re: [eigen] projects using Eigen2 ?

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2008/11/27 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> So if you want your application/project appears in that list, please send it
>> to the list (with a one sentence description, a link if any, etc.).
>> Currently I'm aware of:
>> - KDE (kgllib, kglengine2d, solidkreator)
> We'd need to check if anything in trunk/KDE uses kgllib or kglengine2d
> before calling that KDE (if we stick to the definition that KDE is
> trunk/KDE i.e. only the base modules).

I forgot, but a few screensavers in trunk/KDE/kdeartwork do use Eigen.
That means that as of 4.2 we can really claim to be used in KDE ;)

The screensavers in question are at least kpendulum and krotation.



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