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2008/11/27 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi list,
> I wanted to add a kind of "Applications using Eigen2" section on the wiki.

Great idea!

> So if you want your application/project appears in that list, please send it
> to the list (with a one sentence description, a link if any, etc.).
> Currently I'm aware of:
> - KDE (kgllib, kglengine2d, solidkreator)

We'd need to check if anything in trunk/KDE uses kgllib or kglengine2d
before calling that KDE (if we stick to the definition that KDE is
trunk/KDE i.e. only the base modules).

Otherwise we can say instead "various KDE projects".

> - koffice (kspread, krita?)

Krita yes, quite a bit
KSpread too, but much much less (only for matrix computation
functions, MINVERSE etc..., very few people even know about these
functions). Still worth mentioning, perhaps say "for a the matrix math

> - avogadro

Yes, a lot.

> - VcgLib / MeshLab
> - Expe
> that is interesting is that all these applications use Eigen2 in the context
> of 2D/3D graphics.... (ok there is kspread, but well...)

True... OpenBabel (chemistry) will change this but it's too early for
now to mention it (still only in an experimental branch).



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