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On Monday 25 August 2008 21:38:23 jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Quoting Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > good to know. Daniel (aka cylmor), are you still interested by hacking
> > the Sparse module ? this might gives you a hint on what to do first !
> > actually our dense and sparse matrices already fulfill the storage
> > needs. Beyond polishing the Sparse API, what's really missing are the
> > high level solvers...
> Daniel: if you are interested then don't hesitate to contact the Step
> guy directly: ks vladimir at gmail.

Sure, I'll contact him and see what I can do. I've already been looking at the 
code and they seem to be using their own implementation of a Vector2d, that 
is used even more than gmm stuff. May be you can have a look to see if it's 
worth porting it to eigen2.

The definition of this class is in 
and for example it is used in 
to detect collisions.

They also use some wrapper classes around std::vector and plain C arrays 
(gmm::array1D_reference for instance). Should these be made VectorXd ?

> About solvers, one quick solution is to borrow code from gmm and to
> ask permission to relicense from LGPL2 to our LGPL3+/GPL2+. I know the
> GMM maintainers are helpful.

I'll try to implement them myself, if its too inefficient or too difficult 
I'll contact GMM developers.

I think what's left from eigen is to retrieve rows/columns from a sparse 
matrix, but it doesn't look too difficult to do.

> > unfortunately I'm not going to be able to do it soon  :(  I've already
> > enough to do !
> Sure, same here.

I hope you'll be around to answer questions, otherwise I'll be stuck 
forever :P


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