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On Monday 09 June 2008 16:26:25 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> no, seriously I have no idea how to deal with that issue :(  I know several
> template libraries which generate GB of .o in debug mode and I hate that...
> Maybe it'd be worth asking on GCC mailing list since the answer to this
> issue probably requires to know very well how GCC behaves internally.

I already wrote yesterday to the gcc-help list, no reply.

I just found this:

"-femit-struct-debug-detailed=none" reduces the code size by 50% so 
it's "only" 15x too big. The good thing here is that it seems to allow 
per-file setting, so I hope we could make it effect only on Eigen files, not 
on the user's files.

Even after that, there still seem to remain all the line number and local 
variable indications.

For the line numbers I have a crazy idea... we could install preprocessed 
versions of our headers with as many linebreaks removed as possible... and 
then by the way we'd have a winning entry for ! But that is 
kind of overkill to work around just the lack of configurability of gcc's 
debug output.

For the local variables, I have no idea.

That is bad!!! I guess i'll kindly ask the lazyweb aka planet KDE.


PS: in the middle of dealing with administrative mail, will reply to your 
other mail just after.

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