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Thank you _a lot_ for the updated sketch.

It's great that you drew the same owl in several different settings for 
different parts of the Wiki. I love the "bugs" and "todo" ones, in addition 
to the "professor" and "engineer" ones that we discussed. They're all great.

Maybe take the "silly professor" at the top-right and make it a little merrier 
(not sillier). Right now it looks almost sad. I care because this owl 
represents exactly what I've been looking for.

David is sending bunches of owls while Ronnie is sending isolated ones. So 
it's not easy making a fair comparison.

However, we are only selecting the main mascot. Elsewhere on the website we 
can use all the other owls. The main mascot must anyway be either a professor 
or an engineer. Which both Ronnie and David have sent.

To answer Christian's question: OK, I'll upload the candidates and send a mail 
with links to them.

So I think that I will upload 4 contenders:
- Ronnie's last professor
- Ronnie's last posting, the engineer (which I like better than any other by 
- I will split David's new image, extracting the professor at top-right(unless 
you send a merrier one) and the engineer at bottom-right. For reference only, 
I'll also upload David's unmodified new image.

So one will really choose between individual drawings, not between artists.



On Sunday 06 April 2008 03:02:41 David Benjamin wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry I've been sort of AWOL... schoolwork and random coding stuffs.
> On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 5:35 PM, Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >  David, could you send an "ultimate" sketch mixing your various sketches
> > as discussed (and better, as you feel is right)? Right now there is none
> > of your sketches that I would choose as-is, but still you are spot on the
> > kind of owls that I was looking for. Just your first owl + "hanging hat"
> > + younger aspect, that would be great.
> Bugs and Todo/Feature Requests are more of sketches, so I didn't
> bother to clean them up or make them particularly... unsketchy. The
> picture just looked lonely with those two blank spaces. :-)
> >  About licensing: I need to be able to distribute your artwork under a
> > free license. In the eventuality where distros would package our
> > documentation and that documentation would include your owls, it is very
> > important that your owls are licensed under terms that allow distros to
> > distribute them. I believe this excludes any "Non-commercial" clause.
> > Also, I don't like very much the idea of a "No-derivatives" clause (and
> > that might also be a no-go for distros, I don't know). So a good choice
> > would be CC-BY-SA (Creative commons, authorship attribution,
> > share-alike). But I'm no expert by any means. If you show me that a
> > licensing option is acceptable by distros, then it's fine for me.
> CC-BY-SA is alright with me.

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