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Hi List,

Can we put a "deadline" for mascots on Sunday (tomorrow)? That is, on monday 
we see what we have and we vote (of course this is a banana republic and I'll 
send to the gulag anybody voting wrong).

Ronnie doesn't need to send anything more since his engineer owl is very 
strong by itself.

David, could you send an "ultimate" sketch mixing your various sketches as 
discussed (and better, as you feel is right)? Right now there is none of your 
sketches that I would choose as-is, but still you are spot on the kind of 
owls that I was looking for. Just your first owl + "hanging hat" + younger 
aspect, that would be great.

To all: I want to use your owls at various places of the wiki so it's always 
worth keeping them coming and/or transforming sketches into finalized 
artwork. Pierre and Cyrille, your images are already perfect as-is.

About licensing: I need to be able to distribute your artwork under a free 
license. In the eventuality where distros would package our documentation and 
that documentation would include your owls, it is very important that your 
owls are licensed under terms that allow distros to distribute them. I 
believe this excludes any "Non-commercial" clause. Also, I don't like very 
much the idea of a "No-derivatives" clause (and that might also be a no-go 
for distros, I don't know). So a good choice would be CC-BY-SA (Creative 
commons, authorship attribution, share-alike). But I'm no expert by any 
means. If you show me that a licensing option is acceptable by distros, then 
it's fine for me.



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