[eigen] And the winner is...

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... the Silly Professor in David_four_owls.jpg.

Votes	Owl
5	Silly Professor in David_four_owls.jpg
4	Ronnie_professor_1.jpg
1	Pierre.svg

(total is 10 because I counted Andre's two choices 1 point each. Result would 
have been the same, although even closer, if I had counted them 0.5 point 

So this was very close. It's interesting to see Ronnie_professor_1.jpg being 
massively prefered over Ronnie's ulterior owls. It's good, because I was 
concerned that Ronnie's owls could have been disadvantaged by the fact that 
there are 3 of them, but that didn't happen: everybody who voted for one of 
Ronnie's owls as his first choice, voted for Ronnie_professor_1.jpg. This 
also goes to show how much tastes vary from one person to another: I totally 
prefered Ronnie_engineer.jpg and nobody voted for it!

Just for fun, let us study the stability of this election's result under a 
small perturbation of the rules: here is what happens if one also grants 0.5 
point to a second best choice:

Votes	Owl
6	Silly Professor in David_four_owls.jpg
4.5	Ronnie_professor_1.jpg
1	Pierre.svg
0.5	Ronnie_engineer.jpg
0.5	Ronnie_professor_2.jpg

I love all the owls that were submitted and I'll use any of them if you allow 
me to distribute them under a free license such as CC-BY-SA. Even if you're 
calling them 'sketches' I'm already happy to use them as-is, it's not 
necessary to 'finalize' them, but of course it's welcome if you do.



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