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Hi everyone,

I also vote for David's top-right owl, but I think that lambda and
brackets should not be removed.
(Ronnie_professor_1 is my second favourite).


Benoît Jacob schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm voting for the "silly professor" owl in the top-right part of this image:
> My reasons are that it marries very well the wise and silly aspects (something 
> that is not easy to achieve), it's very funny and very cute, and generally it 
> is very much what I have been looking for. I love the hanging hat, the big 
> tummy, the identity matrix on it, the little claws under the fluffy feathers, 
> and the general attitude.
> I also appreciate the other owl drawings on this image. I know I said we're 
> voting for a single owl, but what happens is that these are visibly four 
> times the same owl, so it's nice to see that this mascot adapts well to 
> various situations. Perhaps more importantly, the different drawings 
> construct further the personality of this owl. The "bugs" and "todo" drawings 
> show aspects of his personality that I just love. Hence, even if I don't 
> directly take into account these drawings, I can't deny that they contribute 
> to making me appreciate the one for which I've voted.
> Some further ideas for David: I think the four 1's are enough and there is no 
> need for the brackets around the matrix. I also think the lambda is useless. 
> Also, maybe attenuate the eyelids as they give him a sad/old aspect.
> I also salute especially
> which I love and made me laugh a lot, and shows impressive style.
> Cheers,
> Benoit

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