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Hi again,

I was thinking that a separate mail was in order to adequately welcome our new 

David, please just ignore my suggestion of removing the brackets and lambda, 
since Raphael likes them. Please still consider my suggestion about the 
eyelids and Johannes' one about the chalk. Since your Silly Professor is now 
our mascot, I am very much interested in having not only this one, but also 
the other owls (bugs, todo...) finalized and colored. I would already have a 
use for the 'todo' one. You can take your time, though, as I have not yet 
started adding content to the wiki. I plan to release Eigen 2.0-alpha5 in 2 
or 3 weeks and it'd be great to have the mascot by then, especially as we'll 
probably be featured in a tech blog soon after.

-what's the name of our mascot? I was kind of thinking about 'Bob'.
-are the 4 owls on David's sketch the same one? I tend to think so.

David: Since you already agreed for CC-BY-SA, I'll blog about our mascot and 
use this license when showing your owl.

Long live to our mascot,


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