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I'm voting for the "silly professor" owl in the top-right part of this image:


My reasons are that it marries very well the wise and silly aspects (something 
that is not easy to achieve), it's very funny and very cute, and generally it 
is very much what I have been looking for. I love the hanging hat, the big 
tummy, the identity matrix on it, the little claws under the fluffy feathers, 
and the general attitude.

I also appreciate the other owl drawings on this image. I know I said we're 
voting for a single owl, but what happens is that these are visibly four 
times the same owl, so it's nice to see that this mascot adapts well to 
various situations. Perhaps more importantly, the different drawings 
construct further the personality of this owl. The "bugs" and "todo" drawings 
show aspects of his personality that I just love. Hence, even if I don't 
directly take into account these drawings, I can't deny that they contribute 
to making me appreciate the one for which I've voted.

Some further ideas for David: I think the four 1's are enough and there is no 
need for the brackets around the matrix. I also think the lambda is useless. 
Also, maybe attenuate the eyelids as they give him a sad/old aspect.

I also salute especially
which I love and made me laugh a lot, and shows impressive style.



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