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The votes are open. I uploaded owls from everybody who contributed.


Note that we are voting for a mascot, not for an artist. Some of the pics here 
(the ones by Cyrille and David) group several owls. If you want to vote for 
one of these pics, please specify for which owl inside it you are voting. 
Votes will be counted per-owl, not per artist.

Theoretically my vote doesn't count more than yours. In practice I have 
already influenced how this whole process has been going (by organizing it!), 
and I'll allow myself to vote first and explain my choice. Other than that, 
we'll just see which owl gets the most votes.

Of course, artists may vote! Again we're voting for an owl not for an artist.

Let's say the votes are open until the end of tomorrow, by writing to this 
list. We'll determine the winner on Wednesday.



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