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Absolutely awesome! I had a good laugh. Frankly this makes a great logo and an 
even better illustration for an "internals" documentation section.

It's funny, it's cute, it evocates technical skills without looking serious. 
Love it.

I also see you changed the scheme for the head, and I like it much better this 

Suggestions? Well I don't know; perhaps the only thing is that the lower half 
of this owl doesn't particularly evocate an owl: the clothing hides much of 
his body and the feel are not owl-like; so perhaps experiment without 
clothing, with rounder body and with mostly only claws visible under the 
body? That's just a wild idea, I don't know. It's definitely not a problem 
that the lower half isn't owl-like, I noticed you like to anthropo-ize your 
owls so I should just accept it :)

Please keep them coming!



On Wednesday 02 April 2008 19:43:54 Ronnie Tucker wrote:
> Hi
> This sketch is based on the 'Engineer Owl' theory.   :)
> Here, we've caught him as he's about to clock off for the day and
> someone's asked him to do one last job. This is his 'are you crazy?'
> look.   :D
> As ever, all comments welcome  :)
> Benoît Jacob wrote:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > Just another idea for the artists out there (Hi Steve! Make sure to
> > register to this list if you want to receive further mails!)
> >
> > Yesterday I was coding very technical things for eigen and some picture
> > occured to me.
> >
> > Deep down in the internals of eigen, the hard work is getting done by...
> > owls.
> >
> > You could see Eigen as a big machine or factory, with little
> > engineer-owls operating it... it could even be very rudimentary, powered
> > by dozens of silly owls pedaling like crazy... or just frenetically
> > flying around being busy with 10 different things at once. They could be
> > silly as in "hey let's pull that lever, I don't know what it does but
> > it'll be fun... oh noes i made the factory explode!"
> >
> > If somebody made one, I'd love to use such a picture in a "Eigen
> > Internals" documentation section. So you see there's work for more than
> > one artist as besides the mascot it'd be super-cool to have that kind of
> > illustrations in the documentation. But I'm also saying this to explain
> > my point of view on owls. The mascot owl should be emblematic of the
> > hard-working owls in the eigen factory. Both kind-of-wise (operating a
> > math factory, after all) and silly/desperate/frenetic/enthusiastic as
> > there's just too much work in eigen for those poor little owls. I think
> > I've unconsciously been thinking about that for a while and that's what I
> > really mean when I asked for owls that are both wise and silly.
> >
> > This is very compatible in spirit with the owls on the 2nd image sent by
> > David. Also the engineers idea is very compatible with Ronnie's beta2.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Benoit

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