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Hi David,

On Sunday 30 March 2008 20:15:23 David Benjamin wrote:
> Attached more sketches, we could mix and match the bits of the various
> owls.

Let's be precise: I would propose this mix and match:

- Take the owl at the top-left.
- Keep the hanging hat (great idea!)
- Beak and eyes: as in the first owl (at the bottom-right)
  (that slightly serious air will be doubly funny with the hanging hat).
  (for the general shape of the head, keep that of the topleft owl).
- Book under left wing like first owl
- Right wing raised professorly, with or without chalk
- 3 or 4 feathers for 1's of the identity matrix

Really love your sketches, exactly the spirit I initially envisioned. But if 
you can also play with the factory/engineers idea, I'm thrilled to see the 



> (Apologies for the incredibly bad "scan"... I do not have easy access
> to a scanner at the moment, so I used a camera for this (and the
> previous). My wonderful picture-taking skills also cut off some text,
> so some of it was rewritten with the GIMP by a left-handed person
> using a mouse right-handed. :-D)
> On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 5:29 AM, Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >  1) Your owl looks quite old/serious, I wonder what could be done to make
> > it look younger. Maybe it's the shape of the head, with the eyes very
> > near the feathers that delimit the bottom of the head, which (remotely)
> > evocates flappy cheeks/eyebags. Maybe you could also experiment with an
> > open beak, as if it were shouting "eureka!!" or "it feels good to be a
> > fluffy owl" enthusiastically.
> Are the new faces better?
> >  2) About the readability of the identity matrix, especially at smaller
> > sizes, I'd suggest reducing the number of 1's. Probably 4 are enough.
> Yes, that seems to work better.
> >  3) About the professor hat on the stick, I wonder if that will still be
> >  understandable at smaller sizes. The hat's ribbon on the head might also
> > be harder to understand at smaller sizes.
> Hrm, maybe. Scaling the sketch down, it's still mostly visible, but it
> might be somewhat unclear. It also protrudes a lot, which would make
> the owl smaller on 135x135, which might not be so great.
> >  4) Maybe (I know I'm pushing it) it's worth experimenting without the
> > hat and stick, instead rasing the right wing in a professorly way ?
> Is the upper-left "professorly"? (Ignore the hat on his ear. I
> couldn't resist. :-D) I'm not really sure how one raises an arm/wing
> professorly.

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