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Hi List,

Just another idea for the artists out there (Hi Steve! Make sure to register 
to this list if you want to receive further mails!)

Yesterday I was coding very technical things for eigen and some picture 
occured to me.

Deep down in the internals of eigen, the hard work is getting done by... owls.

You could see Eigen as a big machine or factory, with little engineer-owls 
operating it... it could even be very rudimentary, powered by dozens of silly 
owls pedaling like crazy... or just frenetically flying around being busy 
with 10 different things at once. They could be silly as in "hey let's pull 
that lever, I don't know what it does but it'll be fun... oh noes i made the 
factory explode!"

If somebody made one, I'd love to use such a picture in a "Eigen Internals" 
documentation section. So you see there's work for more than one artist as 
besides the mascot it'd be super-cool to have that kind of illustrations in 
the documentation. But I'm also saying this to explain my point of view on 
owls. The mascot owl should be emblematic of the hard-working owls in the 
eigen factory. Both kind-of-wise (operating a math factory, after all) and 
silly/desperate/frenetic/enthusiastic as there's just too much work in eigen 
for those poor little owls. I think I've unconsciously been thinking about 
that for a while and that's what I really mean when I asked for owls that are 
both wise and silly.

This is very compatible in spirit with the owls on the 2nd image sent by 
David. Also the engineers idea is very compatible with Ronnie's beta2.



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