Re: [eigen] two decisions to take

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Donald Ephraim Curtis wrote:

However, i think there might be interest to do vector1.cross(vector2) to
mean, cross v1 with v2 and store in v1... like in the case v1 x= v2?

i really would not do that. you cant see the concrete meaning of vector1.cross(vector2). you cant tell if it just returns the cross product or if it stores the cross product in vector1.

so just stay clean and do the global v3 = cross(v1,v2). you see this formula, you understand it. and it is referentially transparent (i.e. no arguments get modified, ). just my opinion. and global namespace pollution? cant see it. cross is crossproduct same with dot. i cant see any other meaning. and if it is really something different, function overloading should resolve it.

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