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On Monday 03 September 2007 07:47:31 Donald Ephraim Curtis wrote:
> For things like cross product, i would probably prefer global functions.
> However, i think there might be interest to do vector1.cross(vector2) to
> mean, cross v1 with v2 and store in v1... like in the case v1 x= v2?
> Would that ever become a concern?

If there is a need for a "x=" then of course we can add it. And it wouldn't be 
a problem to add it as a member method of the vector class.

However I can't see the use case. In Eigen1 it sure was useful as with Eigen1 

v3 = cross(v1, v2);

was inefficient (because of the temporary object returned by value). However 
in Eigen2 this overhead disappears thanks to expression templates.


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