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Thank you. Perhaps you could give me some advise so that I could try to do it on my own in the meantime ?

How could an entry-by-entry product of two (large) matrix's by accomplished ?
Would it be reasonable to access the single elements e.g by row -> vector -> element  and than multiply the elements. Or would that be to much of a performance hit ?


2007/2/15, Benoit Jacob < jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> That is a little difficulty to explain. In short: I am calculating a
> Gaussian function for an image which describes the probability densities of
> the colour distribution.  This is used for image segmentation.
> As a part of this calculation a covariance matrix (I don't know if that's
> the proper term in english) is needed. In order to calculate the covariance
> matrix I need the  entry-by-entry product.
> (this explanation might not be totally correct - I am unfortunately not the
> mathematical master mind of this project)

OK, that sounds serious ;) I'll add entry-by-entry product as soon as
possible (which is perhaps not too soon as I'll be on a vacation between
Feb 17 and Feb 24).


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