Re: [casetta] Ooops : No errors with casetta_cli r118

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Fabien ANDRE a écrit :

Excuse me, my PYTHOPATH was wrong. So it was loading the *old* (0.2), casetta python module. I apologize.
No problem.
However, I am still unable to receive screencapture.
Could you explain the problem please? Color or mono screen captures? What's the casio model?
And, you wrote "Wainting data from...", I think "Waiting for data from.." would be better.
I'll make the change, thanks.
When I receive a file, the progress bar is flickering, and I don't have that with cafix or apt-get (I am an ubuntu user, this is a package installer).
In fact, I haven't really search a beautiful way to display progress bars on the standard output (like cafix and others). I'll improve it.

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