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2007/3/26, Choplair <chopinou@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

2007/3/25, Florian Birée <florian.biree@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I've update the casetta roadmap, and the casetta_gtk one is now complete.
> You can find it here:

Very nice.
I've used this document to redact my Google Summer of Code application
I've just finished and sent. :)

You can see a duplicate on my website:

I hope my proposals (see the details / timeline section) fit what you expected.
Regarding the processing order, you may see that I tried to be clever.
For example, I scheduled to implement GUI access to new specific data
types *after* you would have finished to implement them on the Casetta

Our two projects are thus complementary. It would allow, at the term
of the SoC, the users to enjoy new features and data type supports
through the command line interface but also immediately within the GTK
GUI as well. :)


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Your project is interesting, and follow the needs of the project. Thanks for your application!

Thesa ~ Florian Birée
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