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Hello everybody,

The python package casetta is on the road to the 0.3 version, and the work on Casetta_gtk, the GUI, will begin.
I proud to announce that Choplair, a python and PyGTK developer, will join the team to work on the GUI.
Before any work on Casetta_gtk, we must draw how we want the GUI become. Here are my vision of the future of Casetta_gtk, all ideas can be (should be?) discussed.

In the 0.3 version, Casetta_gtk will have to manage pictures and screen captures, so a picture editor must be added inside Casetta_gtk. Some others functions will be added, as the function Fabien Andre to convert pictures to programs, or maybe his current work on a backup-extractor.

I think that about some changes in the organisation of the window, to make all function more accessible. I think a tab system may be interesting, to let the user access to the properties tab (the one showed for backups), even if an editor is available. I've join some pictures quickly made with colour paint. You can note some function already available in the contextual menu of the data list may be in the bottom of the "no data selected" panel, or in the bottom of the properties tab when a data is selected.

We must also think about the organization of the picture editor: it must be 4 (orange, green, blue, white) or 2 (black and white) colour editor/picture viewer, with some functions to convert pictures into the two modes. And where specific tool bar must be: with the main tool bar, or such as base options and passwords in the program editor?

In post-0.3 versions, there will be others editor, like a spreadsheet editor for lists and matrices. We must also think about this, and how we want the evolution of casetta_gtk be.

All your ideas, propositions and suggestions are welcome!

Thesa ~ Florian Birée
e-mail : florian.biree@xxxxxxxxx
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