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2007/3/22, Florian Birée <florian.biree@xxxxxxxxx>:
2007/3/21, Choplair <chopinou@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> [...]
> Am I right still about the feature description? Have I understood

Yes, I think so. The Fabien Andre's function have been upload in the svn
recently, the only work is to make an easy access to it inside the GUI.

Perfect. :)

Yes, it's exciting. Short answer : it's already done, in the svn (using the
PIL, of course ;-) ).

Ahah. So nice. XD

For the 0.3 release, I want to manage pictures (and screen capture, its more
or less the same work) in all formats in the table.

OK. So, as a conclusion regarding the Image support within
Casetta_gtk, the TODOs are to implement a GUI for the following
- Casio Image viewing
- Casio Image creation(*) / edition.
  (*): from a user draw in a blank canvas, or from an imported
standard graphic file.
- Casio Image to Casio program converter.

Is this good ? If so, I'll try to imagine and bring you some interface
design purposing regarding those points within the next days. :)


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