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Florian Birée a écrit :

 If you were not able to get my function working, that's maybe because I forgot to precise an important thing : it only works with monochromatic pictures.

Yes, I'have tried only 3-color pictures ;-)

For the moment, of course. I'm trying to add support for 3-color picture (and it is not so easy :o). See attachments for a nice tux, you can get on your calculator, with the img_to_basic function.

OK, I'll try it.

Other detail about your function : PlotOn and F-Line are  ViewWindow
dependent function, isn't-it ? I assume your code work with a
ViewWindow 0,63,0,0,128,0.

 For the video that's because I forgot to add the link : (but I think you don't need the video because you have ladready undersatood what I meant) :

Now I sure I have really understood !

 PS : I apologize for my really bad English !

No problem, the mine is probably not better ;-)

Yes, You are right for the View Window. To get the picture being drawn, you *must* ;-) set your ViewWindow to : Xmin : 0 Xmax : 127 Scale  : 1.  Ymin :  0  Ymax  :  63 Scale :  1. I have corected my function and now it works with 3-color pictures. I'll send a new e-mail.

I've also some ideas to make the syntax coloration on casetta_gtk faster...

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