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Florian Birée a écrit :

Thank you for this contribution, the code is very interesting, but I didn't manage to make it work as expected : the program didn't draw the expected picture but only some line more or less related to the original picture. There is some problem, by example when a line go at the last pixel of the line : the f-line is not made.
I've tried quickly to correct that, but I didn't succeed.

Other details about the code:
1. There is no function in Casetta to get a table of pixel from a picture, because there is no need to do that for the moment (except your function) because casio formats use a very stupid organization.
2. About the location of the functions, I haven't decided if the function will be for casetta_gtk only (in this case, it will be add in the code of casetta_gtk, as the function to extract passwords from a backup), on available in the python module (in this case, it will be inside the module). But it's better for the moment to work inside the module because the work on casetta_gtk has not begun, and the casetta_gtk organization may change.

About the Bug #2, I know there is some issue inside « casetta must ask to save or not » function. I'll change its behavior. (But there is no link to your video. If you added a html link, just copy the link in plain text, and remember : html is not standard inside mails.)

Thanks for your interest about Casetta,


If you were not able to get my function working, that's maybe because I forgot to precise an important thing : it only works with monochromatic pictures. For the moment, of course. I'm trying to add support for 3-color picture (and it is not so easy :o). See attachments for a nice tux, you can get on your calculator, with the img_to_basic function.
For the video that's because I forgot to add the link : (but I think you don't need the video because you have ladready undersatood what I meant) :

PS : I apologize for my really bad English !

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