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Here are our download stats these days:

E.g. for the month of January we had a max of 1740 file downloads per day totaling about 2GB. I tried downloading a file right now and got about 184 KB/s, which suggests to me that our bandwidth requirements are somewhat low (and gna doesn't really give us good speed to begin with).

2GB is also about how many files we have in total at this time.


On 03/04/2017 01:36 PM, Trent Gamblin wrote:
On Sat, March 4, 2017 1:52 pm, SiegeLord wrote:
So apparently will be shutting down soonish, see for the

Right now we use for the downloads and the file hosting, while
Github contains the website, repository and the bugs.

For the downloads, in principle we can attach the release archives to
tags on Github without much issue, but some of the files will have to be
placed elsewhere, perhaps in the website repository. Github has a total
size limit for the repositories, so we might possibly need to upgrade to
their paid offering (I can provide the funds).

For the mailing list, I think it is a great thing to have, because the
historical context that you can glean from the archives is invaluable
sometimes. Github doesn't provide mailing list hosting, and in fact it's
not at all obvious where to find a place that does.

There is an option to go back to SourceForge for the mailing list and
perhaps the files (although their mucking around with the files was one
of the reasons we left in the first place).

Alternatively, it'd be neat to just self-host such things. I am somewhat
annoyed that I'll have to go back to homebrew and other places to update
where to download our archives, it'd be great if it could just be in perpetuity. Again, I can provide
the funds but unfortunately none of the expertise, as I've never had to
host a website before, nevermind a mailing list.

Any opinions on how to proceed? We should decide and implement things
soonish, I think we have 1-2 months before gna closes for good.


Mail can be a tough setup to do right to avoid being blocked and so on.
I've done it but I don't want to ever do it again... I suggest using
SourceForge at least for the mailing list.

How much bandwidth do we need for files? I currently have a VPS for $20
(not suggesting to use mine, but one like it) that gets unlimited
throughput at 100 Mbit. Not sure that's fast enough though. Next step up
is a dedicated box which is around $100/mo and I believe gets 1 Gbit.
Regardless of where it's hosted, I can set up a web server on a
Debian/Linux box if you need me to.

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