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I sat down a couple hours ago to try and fix the problem, and I didn't have
to do much.

First I reinstalled Ubuntu, because I had been messing around and completely
messed up, then restored Unity. So to make sure I had a standard setup I

Then I noticed my game had some code for fullscreen window mode that was
trying to get the monitor resolution, and I printed that out and it was -5x0
(I think al_get_monitor_info was failing due to wrong adapter or something.)

After fixing that code, fullscreen window mode works perfectly now. So for
my game, that's what I'm going to go with (and I'll probably do the same on
Mac if It works there as well.) So I don't need any help after all.

But for the sake of making Allegro better, it would still be nice to get
real fullscreen mode working better, including alt-tab. If I have some time
in the near future I'll look into it some more. I'm not going to apply my
patch unless/until it is completely working.


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Dear Trent,

I'm normally a Linux user, except for porting to Windows, so I'm willing to
look into this. I do have a few real life things to do right now, so it will
a while before I can begin looking into this more.

Window managers on Linux (and X) are a mixed bag and many of them don't
implement the window manager standards correctly. But I agree that ideally
alt-tab should work at least for full screen windows if the window manager
supports alt-tab. We'll probably have to compare with SDL and maybe other
full screen applications.

Kind Regards,



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