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On Wed 13 Aug 2014 02:30:01 AM trent@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I sat down a couple hours ago to try and fix the problem, and I didn't have
> to do much.
> First I reinstalled Ubuntu, because I had been messing around and completely
> messed up, then restored Unity. So to make sure I had a standard setup I
> reinstalled.
> Then I noticed my game had some code for fullscreen window mode that was
> trying to get the monitor resolution, and I printed that out and it was -5x0
> (I think al_get_monitor_info was failing due to wrong adapter or
> something.)
> After fixing that code, fullscreen window mode works perfectly now. So for
> my game, that's what I'm going to go with (and I'll probably do the same on
> Mac if It works there as well.) So I don't need any help after all.
> But for the sake of making Allegro better, it would still be nice to get
> real fullscreen mode working better, including alt-tab. If I have some time
> in the near future I'll look into it some more. I'm not going to apply my
> patch unless/until it is completely working.

I'm not sure how well that'll go. Real fullscreen mode assumes xf86vm or 
xrandr, and alt-tabing back out assumes you want the mode to be set back to 
what it was... And that can be a major mess. Sometimes though I think the WM 
may enforce the mode reset. I can't remember for sure. Real mode sets and fs 
on X is a horrible mess.

> Thanks!
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> Dear Trent,
> I'm normally a Linux user, except for porting to Windows, so I'm willing to
> look into this. I do have a few real life things to do right now, so it will
> a while before I can begin looking into this more.
> Window managers on Linux (and X) are a mixed bag and many of them don't
> implement the window manager standards correctly. But I agree that ideally
> alt-tab should work at least for full screen windows if the window manager
> supports alt-tab. We'll probably have to compare with SDL and maybe other
> full screen applications.
> Kind Regards,
> B.
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Thomas Fjellstrom

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