Re: [AD] The huge Windows force feedback patch.

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OK I investigated the button problems more colosely and I found out
that I could reproduce them.

> In DirectInput modes, the buttons I press aren't the ones lit up.

This is due to the actual layout of the joypad changing as you switch
modes. As I said before, it's silly, but the layout of the joypad
itself changes when you switch modes. And ex_joystick_event has a bug
in the sense that it doesn't display the whole name of the button and
suggests the wrong colors that only make sense for XInput joypads.

> In XInput  mode, often times one button will make 2 light up.

This is due to a fundamental design error in ex_joystick_event: it
assumes that there is only a single joystick connected to the
computer. But, due to "shadowing", a single XInput device acts as if
it was 2 joysticks at the same time. And, as I said before, the
"shadowed" device has a different layout than the Xinput one, which is
apparently again different from the one when you switch the backside
switch. So when you press some buttons you see "wto" different ones
coming from the two different joysticks.

The best way to see it is to connect 2 directinput joystics and then
run ex_joystick_event, you'll see that both joysticks's motion
registers. So, I will have to thoroghly rewrite ex_joystick_events so
it shows better what is going on and only shows the events of a single

For now the best way to test the joysticks is to use
ex_joystick_hotplugging, since it's log shows better what is going on
and it's display is properly filtered.

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