[AD] Allegro JavaScript port using Emscripten (First version complete)

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Here's a result of my work for the last two months: a port of Allegro
to JavaScript via Emscripten. Patch for the latest Git version is
attached. The port isn't fully complete, but it has most of
functionality working, so I decided to present it to community for
testing and to generate interest.

Downloads & Further info:

Pre-compiled version:

Modified sources:

(Some) compiled dependencies:

Skater example: http://zxstudio.org/projects/allegro/skater/skater_r.html

Release post: http://zxstudio.org/blog/2014/06/14/testing-release-allegro-javascript-port-emscripten/

Porting your Allegro game to JavaScript with Emscripten:

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