Re: [AD] Windows DirectInput haptic driver and some small haptic enhancements

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It will be a while before I can afford to buy some more joypads (and
aybe a joystick and a wheel as well?) for testing. Meanwhile, I'd
appreciate it if my patch already be added to the official Allegro
repository, as perhaps other people will be willing to debug the
problem on more modern DirectInput devices. My patch is already at
least partially functional and I hope the style is acceptable. It
should not cause any other problems since the changes are relatively
localized. And the idea of having a development branch, is to allow
development. It was the same when the haptic API was added in the
beginning, it only worked on Linux. With this patch it will also work
on Windows for some devices at least.

Kind Regards,


On 6/13/14, Beoran <beoran@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Someone on the forum also has a non-working Logitech F710...
> I suspect it doesn't like the FF effect I try to send it.
> The current windows haptic driver in that patch can only
> support DirctInput. I plan to write an XInput joystick
> and force feedback driver anyway, so perhaps I should
> buy that Logitech game pad for testing myself...

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