Re: [AD] Allegro JavaScript port using Emscripten (First version complete)

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On 06/14/2014 05:11 AM, Max Savenkov wrote:
Here's a result of my work for the last two months: a port of Allegro
to JavaScript via Emscripten. Patch for the latest Git version is
attached. The port isn't fully complete, but it has most of
functionality working, so I decided to present it to community for
testing and to generate interest.

One part I don't understand are the changes to the audio addon. Why is the thread emulation you coded into the core not sufficient? What are the OpenAL changes for?

Additionally, the way you've done the time/timer etc (by literally copying files over) is just terrible. Can none of it be refactored to use the system driver abstraction?

In terms of the main loop... is there no main-addon-powered abstraction that can be made there? E.g. the Allegro main would register the thread emulator dispatch loop as the main loop which would then call the user main? Overall, even with this it's very sad that emscripten will force people to rewrite their code like that.

These are just the first few things I noticed as I glanced at the code. As I have get more free time, I'll look over it some more.


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