Re: [AD] Allegro JavaScript port using Emscripten (First version complete)

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On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 9:38 PM, Max Savenkov <max.savenkov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've compiled Cosmic Protector. I get steady 60 FPS with it. Check it out here:

Profiling version with debug info:
Optimized version:

I had to rip out main menu (because it had nested endless loops I had no patience for right now), but the rest of code is unmodified save for the FPS counter.

re: maintainer: in short term, I'm, of course, can be a maintainer for this port. In longer term, I'm not a "library" kind of guy, though, I much prefer working on games than on middleware (unlike lots of programmers I know, who could spend years polishing an engine or GUI library without ever finishing, or even starting a game). I can try to stick around for longer (I never was a maintainer for a part of open-source project before, so I don't know I have persistence).

I'm all in favor of adding this to the main repository as an official port, as soon as possible. However someone should review the code, especially the modifications to common files. (It might be several weeks until I get around to it, so hopefully someone else does it first.) One thing I'm sure we can change easily is make al_wait_for_event() work properly (my understanding is it doesn't work right now) - that really doesn't require threads, just may have to add some call to a new system->heartbeat() function or similar. But again, I had no chance yet to read the patch.

And it would be great if you could stick around as maintainer. It mainly would mean, as long as you're using the port yourself and continue to fix bugs, you'd commit/send those fixes to the Allegro repository.

For me personally, this may soon become the most important port of Allegro - I'm not all that interested in compiling native binaries for several platforms anymore. Especially when performance is the same.

I get 60 FPS for Skater on my desktop (with 30% CPU on one core). And I get 50 FPS (!) for Cosmic Protector and 20 FPS for Skater on my phone (Nexus 5). So this may be a much easier way to do IPhone/Android development compared to native apps :)

So yes, like back when I tried the first version of Skater in my browser, I'm simply amazed! Not sure if at just your porting work or also at the performance of HTML5, or both :)

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